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Books about Journaling

 Journal Genie   The only site that analyzes your journal. (There is a charge but you can try this service free for five days.)

  Diarist.net     This is a comprehensive starting-point for both writers and readers of online journals. Whether you call them diarists, journalers, or bloggers, they've got everything you need to know all about the people who tell all.

 The Way Things Were Today     This is a very useful and historic site.  When you enter a date you'll find a diary entry from some time, usually long ago, to read.  If you'd like to search for an entry by a favorite writer, enter the author's last name in the empty box under where you would choose a date and then click on the box that says 'Find Diary By Author's Name.'  In both instances, you'll see a notation with the author's name and the date of the diary entry.  These are links and by clicking on them you can read the actual diary text.

 Writing the Journey     This is an online journal writing workshop.  In it, you can explore some of the concepts important to journal writing and complete exercises designed to teach new journal writing techniques.  The features section explores topics of interest to journal writers.

 1000 Journals    The1000journalproject is an independent, privately funded social experiment. It is an attempt to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels, to see where they go, and what people do with them.